We are following the dream to create a new destination resort which is based on the philosophy not only to integrate the local community but to formulate a social, environmental awareness and responsibility. We encourage the skilled local workforce to join us to build all structures in a vernacular context and also to then become the main staff for the operational phase. The traditional materials to be used e.g. timber, bamboo, palm fronds for roofing and natural fibers, are sourced respectfully on the island. Building sites are carefully chosen to not only maximize the views but also to ensure the buildings sit well and gently in the land’s contours as well as fitting in between the existing trees. Low impact and sustainability are two of our maxims.
The resort currently on 62 ha operates its own permaculture farm where organically grown fruit and vegetables are harvested fresh for our kitchens. Free-range chicken, eggs and fresh fish from the local fishermen complete the desired menu. Fresh produce filled with vital life energy are the key to our food philosophy. Homemade VCO (virgin cold pressed coconut oil) as the perfect food enhancer is the essential ingredient in smoothies and local recipes. This, in combination with the local herbs and spices, will not only satisfy every guest but will introduce new culinary experiences. Our holistic approach will provide education to conserve the land and the sea. The establishment of a ‘foundation’ will contribute to the local community and the available funds will support village projects such as sanitation, education and Christianity needs. Guests will be welcome to support these causes as they please.