yoga retreat


11th - 15th of September 2018

The system of Yoga has its origin several thousand years back in India. One of the most profound texts in this regard was composed by the sage Patanjali around 500 A.D. In this Yoga Sutra he names eight different parts, which yoga consists of: yama and niyama (living guidelines), asana (body postures), pranayama (breath work), prayahara and dharana (sense withdrawal and concentration), finally leading to dhyana (meditation) and samadhi, the deep understanding of all phenomena in the universe.

In this 5-days seminar we will explore all parts of this unique system in theory and practice, accompanied by explanations, how the human consciousness functions and how the body with its energy centers (chakras) can be integrated into the yoga practice.


15th - 18th of August 2018

We will use techniques from yoga and mindfulness work to come back to our body, into the here and now. We will pair our daily asana and pranayama practice (body postures and breathing exercises) with meditation techniques like walking meditation or short sessions of sitting meditation.

Enriched with some theoretical input, this will enable us to connect to our inner self and our body, to leave the struggles of everyday life behind and to feel our true essence.
For the whole seminar we will be supported by the dedicated cooks of Moro Madoto, exclusively preparing delicious vegetarian organic meals for this seminar.

Johannes (Yogi Yoh) has learnt Yoga from Srikumar in Kerala, India and he completed a three years yoga therapy training in Munich under the personal guidance of R. Sriram.

Further he holds a MA in Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation from the UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies, University of Innsbruck, Austria and has pursued his own research project at the Chair for Applied Consciousness Studies at the department for Psychosomatic Medicine, University Medical Center Regensburg in Germany.

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yoga for beginners

this one hour yoga lesson is designed to introduce basic yoga poses. The benefits of yoga are many, it tones the body and can help to improve concentration. Special one hour yoga classes for surfers are as per schedule and demand… with emphasis on flexibility and inner core strength.

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