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Enjoy the perfect surf at one of the many breaks on Morotai. Right in front of Moro Ma Doto, easily accessible via our private beach, we have three breaks waiting for keen surfers. Explore some of the more remote surf spots around the island and find your personal nirvana. The best time to catch the perfect waves is from the beginning of November through to mid April each year.

Best for Surfing Experience

Moro Surf Trip

Surfing activities in the Morotai Islands area is a challenging experience, the Pacific Ocean of Morotai has several wave spots which are dream spots for surfers. For those of you who want to try these spots, here we offer several trip packages to support your surfing trip :

  1. Moro-Bubu Trip
  2. Moro-Gorua Trip
  3. Moro-Sopi Trip
  4. Moro-Rao Trip

Board Rental

Travel for surfing activities is a amazing thing. But what happens when you forget to bring a surfboard or don’t have a surfboard? Don’t worry, Moro Ma Doto provides various types of surfboards that you can rent for your surfing activities. Here are some types of boards that you can rent :

  1. Short-Board
  2. Long-Board
  3. Soft Top
  4. SUP

Moro Surf Lesson

Interested in surfing? but can’t surf? Don’t worry, just consult us. We have a team of pro surfers who can help you practice surfing and are guaranteed to be trained until you are good at it.

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