Designed by an award winning architect, Moro Ma Doto Resort is a combination of new and vernacular concepts in tropical design. The celebration lies in the simplicity of what the land has to offer and in the gentle approach through its landscape and architecture. Naturally inspired by the topography and the qualities of the land and sea, the buildings convince with their true essence.

Natural winding pathways connect the main public spaces with the villas.  The careful placement of the dwellings and the spacious setting naturally provide freedom and privacy.

Garden spaces freely intermingle with the buildings and extend further to the restaurant and swimming pool, giving the experience of the flow of the land.
Weathered timbers and drift wood are carefully selected, combined with new natural materials and used to create unique interiors, rich in character. Traditional fish traps and baskets have been handcrafted into lampshades or used as accessories in the spacious rooms, as well as woven pandanus fibre, used for backings or rugs. The outer roof layer is constructed from the leaf of the sago palm, which is a traditional choice of material and blends thus perfectly into the surrounding forests.