• how to get there

    There is a daily flight connecting through Ternate from Manado, Makasar, Jakarta and Singapore (Silk Air). Also scheduled speed boats connect the 90 minute trip from Tobelo, a city on the north end of Halmahera Island to Daruba, the capital of Morotai. Upon arrival in Morotai you will be met by our staff for the one hour drive directly to Moro Ma Doto Resort.

    Morotai airport: Pitu (OTI)

  • time zone

  • weather


  • surf conditions

    The best surf is from October through March. Winds during this period are light…early morning offshores with light sea breezes during the day and again offshore conditions in the afternoon. Wave heights range from 3-6 feet. The north coast has constant surf that can offer solid size with challenging waves over sharp reefs.

    All waves break over coral reefs, surf aware to avoid possible reef cuts or related injuries.

  • sailing conditions

    There are some classic settings along the coasts with constant southerly winds

  • diving conditions

    The clear waters around Morotai offer dreamy dive conditions from muck dives along stretches of mangrove, reef passes, walls and cliffs to World War II wreck sites.

  • history

    Morotai Island is in the Halmahera group of Indonesia’s northeastern Maluku Islands. Morotai is the most north easterly island in Indonesia. Read more from wikipedia